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Home Care Instructions
– Fillings and Crowns

Numbness from anesthetic may last for 2-6 hours. Please be cautious-avoid chewing until all feeling has returned. There is a risk of biting your cheek, tongue or lip if you chew/eat while numb.

After eating/biting on the new restoration for several days, if you notice the bite feels high or the tooth is hitting too hard, please call the office. A “high” spot on a filling or crown can make the tooth uncomfortable to chew on and temperature sensitive. We will check the bite and adjust it accordingly.

You may experience sensitivity to cold or hot. If it is mild, it may subside on its own over the next several weeks. If it is intense, please call our office.

If your temporary crown comes off you can try putting it back on using Fixodent. If it will not stay on it is important to call our office and have the temporary crown cemented back on. Your adjacent teeth can shift, making it difficult to fit the permanent crown.

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