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Teeth Whitening

Smiles in Carol Stream, IL gleam with professional teeth whitening

There is no denying it โ€“ white teeth are naturally attractive. The team at Park Dental Care in Carol Stream, IL can help you get that brilliance with teeth whitening solutions.

How professional teeth whitening works

Tooth enamel seems to be impervious, but under magnification you would see it is covered with tubules. These pores extend through enamel to the yellowish dentin substructure beneath. Over time, enamel also develops scratches, grooves, and pits.

Pigments from tobacco and dark colored beverages or foods become embedded in this uneven surface. Brushing removes some of the discoloration, but toothbrush bristles are too fat to get into finer crevices. When a teeth bleaching agent is applied, the peroxide formulation oxides, loosening and lifting pigments to the surface as tiny bubbles burst.

A medical-grade whitening product penetrates tubules, also bleaching dentin. This is especially beneficial if the natural shade of your enamel is darker, or if enamel has worn thin, allowing dentin to show through. Sometimes deep bleaching helps to lighten intrinsic stains from medications. In other cases, the dentist may recommend a different cosmetic dentistry technique โ€“ bonding or veneers โ€“ to disguise deep discoloration.

Tailored teeth whitening in Carol Stream, ILWhat is the best way to whiten teeth? The method that fits your needs, teeth, and schedule. At Park Dental Care, treatment is customized to help you get the brightness you want, with minimal risk of sensitivity.

  • Professional tooth whitening is a good choice when you want to improve your smile fast, perhaps for a job interview, date, or class reunion. Tooth color can be dramatically lightened in just one appointment, which takes about an hour. Simply recline and relax while we perform the task using a light-activated whitening product.
  • Teeth whitening for sensitive teeth can be equally effective, it just takes a little longer. Gel is applied using custom-fit trays, usually for about an hour each day for several weeks. However, the dentist adjusts the wearing schedule and strength of whitener to ensure you have a comfortable experience.
  • With a combination approach, teeth whitening gets the boost of in-office treatment; then you continue whitening at home to maintain a brilliant smile.

Is teeth whitening safe?

In the care of trained dental professionals, teeth whitening is very safe and effective. For dazzling results, call Park Dental Care in Carol Stream, IL at 630-556-8880.

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