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Oral Hygiene Techniques

Oral hygiene techniques keep smiles in Carol Stream, IL bright

You have the opportunity every day to practice good dental hygiene. Yet, no matter how conscientiously you brush and floss, there are spots you just cannot reach. It makes sense to team up with a dental hygienist trained in the latest professional oral hygiene techniques to avoid problems. At Park Dental Care in Carol Stream, IL, thorough cleaning is administered with a tender touch.

Why teeth cleaning is vital to oral health

With regular dental care, most problems can be prevented or intercepted in the early stages when treatment is most effective, less costly, and before you needlessly suffer discomfort.

For example, a tiny emerging area of decay can be halted with fluoride treatment, dental sealant, or a small cosmetic filling – often without numbing. Once a cavity is established, however, more extensive work is required. Without treatment, the tooth may eventually require root canal therapy or extraction.

Soft tissue infection from gum disease presents a serious health threat, and it eventually attacks the support system that holds teeth in place. Early intervention can prevent gums from receding and restore healthy balance in the mouth.

Gentle oral hygiene techniques in Carol Stream, IL

Most dental practices follow similar protocols to remove bacteria, plaque, hardened tartar, and stains. Yet all teeth cleaning is not the same.

It is the little distinctions that make a big difference at Park Dental Care:

  • Woman’s touch – Small hands, light pressure, and a soothing manner put patients at ease for comfortable cleanings.
  • Current training – Every member of our hygiene team attends continuing education courses to stay abreast of developments in the field.
  • Contemporary tools and materials – While the mirror and scaler are still mainstays of the hygienist, we use the latest designs for patient comfort and efficient treatment, plus little extras such as pleasant-tasting polish and floss.
  • Prevention and guidance – You have the option of adding topical fluoride treatment or dental sealants to your hygiene treatment. Feel free to ask questions about home hygiene, dental products, and nutrition, too.
  • Deep cleaning – Below the gum line, to eradicate harmful pathogens and calculus that causes gums to become inflamed and pull away from teeth.

You know you should have your teeth cleaned regularly. We know how to make the experience relaxing. Call 630-556-8880 for a hygiene appointment at Park Dental Care.

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