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Gentle tooth cavity treatment in Carol Stream, IL

Tooth decay is a prevalent problem in this country. According to a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 42 percent of children have dental caries in primary teeth. An astounding 92 percent of adults have cavities by age 64, and 93 percent of seniors suffer from the condition. Dr. Evelyn Maggos and her team at Park Dental Care in Carol Stream, IL are changing that – one patient at a time – with modern tooth cavity treatment and effective preventive care.

Helping Carol Stream, IL patients avoid tooth cavity treatment

Our dentists are passionate about helping patients avoid cavity pain, the inconvenience, and expense of dental work, and possible need for dental extractions. In their care, you receive a cavity prevention strategy tailored to your unique body chemistry, diet, and lifestyle. This may involve:

  • Nutritional guidance
  • Tips for tobacco cessation
  • Choosing the right toothbrush, paste, and mouth rinse for your oral condition
  • Hands-on training in flossing techniques
  • Information about dental sealants and topical fluoride treatment
  • Infant oral hygiene advice for new parents
  • Regular professional cleaning and examination appointments at Park Dental Care

When you do need a tooth cavity filling

Cavities are largely preventable with healthy hygiene practices. However, heredity and other factors contribute to the likelihood of needing a tooth filling. Should you develop a cavity or damage a tooth, you are assured of effective treatment at Park Dental Care.

Dr. Evelyn and Dr. Britly offer a beautiful alternative to traditional silver-colored amalgam fillings which contain mercury. They repair tooth decay with composite resin material, matched to the color of your natural dentition. These fillings blend unnoticeably, and the restorations are strong and durable – suitable even for the bite force on back molars. Composite fillings are conservative (the technique preserves healthy tooth structure), and less likely to crack teeth from expansion and contraction. Plus, the material doesn’t conduct heat and cold as metal does, reducing risk of a sensitive tooth.

With the help of the dedicated team at Park Dental Care, you may never need tooth cavity treatment. If you do get a cavity, though, you can count on a non-traumatic procedure that gets you smiling again quickly. In the Carol Stream, IL area, call 630-556-8880 for an appointment.

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