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Smiles in Carol Stream, IL are restored with dental implants

You probably have an adorable childhood photo sporting a big grin with a gap in front. The transition from primary teeth to secondary dentition is probably the only time in life when missing teeth are a charming characteristic. In adulthood, gaps lead to a speech impediments, dietary restrictions, and dental problems, as well as spoiling the appearance of your smile. Dr. Evelyn and Dr. Britly at Park Dental Care in Carol Stream, IL suggest dental implants as a lasting solution.

Understanding implants

Natural teeth have roots that keep them anchored in the jawbone. A denture or bridge replaces the crown portion of a missing tooth, but not the root. A dental implant, however, resides in the jawbone, becoming part of your body. It is then finished with a porcelain crown (or in some cases another type of restoration) for a replacement tooth that is virtually indistinguishable from your own.

Implantation requires precise planning, but oral surgery is brief and minimally traumatic. It can usually be done with just local anesthetic, with perhaps a mild sedative if you are nervous about the procedure. A small soft tissue incision is made, and space created in the bone. The implant, a tiny screw made of biocompatible material, is placed into this opening. Gum tissue may be closed with a few dissolving sutures, or the implant may be protected with an abutment and healing cap.

The incision heals quickly. Then, over time, bone fuses to the implant. It becomes an artificial root, providing a solid foundation for the crown.

Implants from Park Dental Care in Carol Stream, IL are the next best thing to natural teeth

An implant restoration:

  • Looks very lifelike, blending beautifully into your smile
  • Feels normal in the mouth – it does not wobble or rub sore spots
  • Functions as effectively as your own teeth, for eating and speaking
  • Requires no special care – just normal brushing, flossing, and dental checkups
  • Helps to avoid loss of facial bone, for a more youthful appearance
  • Can last a lifetime with good oral hygiene, diet, and lifestyle habits

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