Elderly couple

First Visit

Your first visit to our office is about getting to know you, your oral health, and what your dental expectations are. We ask you to arrive 10 minutes before the appointment time to assure all the registration materials are complete. In the treatment room, we will discuss what brings you to the office, review your medical history and any medications you take, do a thorough examination of teeth, mouth, gums and bone support of the teeth, do an oral cancer screening, take diagnostic x-rays that are indicated and take photos of your teeth. We will let you know what we see….diagnose any conditions and recommend treatment. Finally, we will answer any questions you have.

No treatment is scheduled at the first visit—it is all about getting to know you, establishing your baseline level of oral health and making a plan. Our goal is to communicate clearly with you our recommendations, discuss your priorities, discuss the time and appointments needed for the care as well as the fees and insurance benefits.

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