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Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile your best with cosmetic dentistry in Carol Stream, IL

Like most people, you probably want to make a good impression every day. An attractive smile plays a big role. It is part of your look from the time you wake up in the morning through a busy workday and into the evening. A nice smile starts with a healthy mouth, but sometimes nature needs a little help to achieve “smile wow.” The dentists at Park Dental Care in Carol Stream, IL can get you there with a tailored strategy of cosmetic dentistry.

What constitutes a beautiful smile?

There are six basic components of a good-looking smile:

  • Enamel color – Our culture favors bright white teeth, but some people have a genetic tendency to darker enamel. In addition, diet, tobacco, and medications can stain teeth.
  • Tooth shape and size – Perfectly healthy, normal teeth may look too short or long, or have unusual shape or contours that disrupt the appearance of the smile.
  • Oral proportions – The golden ratio, a mathematical formula found throughout nature, determines “divine proportions” of the smile. This includes the shape, size, and placement of each tooth in relation to the others, and the balance of pink gum tissue to white teeth.
  • Alignment – The human eye is drawn to the symmetry of straight, evenly-spaced teeth.
  • Gum health – Gums that are tightly sealed with no exposed root surface frame teeth beautifully. The coral pink color of healthy gums provides a pleasant contrast to white teeth.

It sounds like a skilled dentist could just create a template for the “perfect smile,” and modify each patient’s dentition to match, using cosmetic dentistry services, right? Unfortunately, it is not that easy. A cookie-cutter approach would be overlooking the sixth and most important element of an attractive smile – your own unique character.

Cosmetic dentistry options in Carol Stream, IL

Dr. Evelyn and Dr. Britly take every aspect of your appearance into consideration in designing a cosmetic teeth enhancement plan. They consider your concerns, goals, lifestyle, budget, and schedule. Then they suggest one or a combination of procedures such as:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Cosmetic bonding
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Porcelain crowns
  • Tooth replacement – dental implants, bridges, partial denture, or full denture

Park Dental Care is much more than a cosmetic dentist’s office. We are a group of trained professionals, dedicated to helping you love your smile. Call 630-556-8880 to schedule a cosmetic consultation.

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