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Cracked Teeth

Have your cracked teeth repaired at Carol Stream, IL dental practice

Are you self-conscious about your smile because of cracked teeth? Dr. Evelyn and Dr. Britly understand your aesthetic concern. They also know that a broken tooth can lead to bigger problems in the future. With a variety of solutions at Park Dental Care, no one in the Carol Stream, IL area needs to live with cracked tooth pain or embarrassment.

Cracked tooth syndrome

CTS is a fracture in tooth structure, but no part of the tooth has broken off. Some fractures are clearly visible while others are diagnosed primarily with dye tests or X-rays. Regardless, it is difficult to establish the exact depth and direction of the fracture, to determine if it is likely to reach the pulp chamber at the center of the tooth.

You may have CTS if you experience:

  • Painful reaction to cold foods or beverages (but no unusual discomfort from heat)
  • Sensitivity to sugar
  • Sharp pain when bite force is applied
  • Rebound pain when pressure is released
  • Tenderness when teeth grind side to side or backward and forward

Discomfort is caused by sections of the tooth moving independently, activating receptors in pulp. Pain may be in a general area – you cannot specify which tooth is causing it.

Though pain may be tolerable, is not a good idea to ignore the problem. Eventually the tooth will break, a restoration will fail, or infection will build in the pulp chamber.

Solutions for cracked teeth in Carol Stream, IL

Fine fractures on front teeth can be masked with porcelain veneers. Your dentist can fix a chipped tooth or stabilize a lesser fracture with bonded composite resin. For a tooth with a deep fracture or one that extends below the gumline, cracked tooth repair may consist of a crown restoration which encloses the tooth, providing protection and support. When pulp has been compromised, the tooth needs root canal therapy and a crown, or it may have to be extracted.

CTS can be a result of trauma, such as a sports injury. However, bruxing (grinding or clenching teeth excessively) is usually the culprit when multiple fractures occur. Our dentists can provide custom-fit sports mouthguards and comfortable night guards to minimize future dental damage. Visit Park Dental Care, and we will get cracked teeth looking and feeling good again. The number in Carol Stream, IL is 630-556-8880.

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