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Nutrition Tips

Nutrition tips from your family dentist in Carol Stream, IL

Food and your mouth have a symbiotic bond, vital to overall wellness. The mouth makes it possible for nourishment to enter the body, and food provides nutrients necessary for healthy teeth. The dentists at Park Dental Care in Carol Stream, IL can help you improve this relationship with nutrition tips for healthy eating.

Developing a tooth-healthy eating plan

Tooth decay and gum disease are prevalent problems among children and adults in this country. Food and beverage choices have a big impact.

Dr. Evelyn and Dr. Britly suggest limiting:

  • Sweets that stick to teeth (even dried fruit) or are slow to dissolve (hard candy or taffy)
  • Sugary drinks, including fruit juice
  • Acidic beverages such as diet soda, energy drinks, and white wine
  • Between meal snacks

Instead, they recommend these substitutes, for good nutrition and reduced risk of dental problems:

  • Fresh, raw produce as an alternative to empty calorie snacks, since crunching activates salivary glands. Try prepping carrot, celery, or sweet potatoes into bite size portions for the whole week.
  • Yogurt, almonds, and leafy green vegetables contain calcium which helps to remineralize tooth enamel.
  • Cheese lowers pH levels in the mouth.
  • While raisins are a dried fruit, they do not tend to stick to teeth. In addition, raisins contain phytochemicals, which combat cavity-causing bacterial plaque.
  • Eggs, fish, and lean meats contain phosphorus, another mineral necessary for strong enamel.
  • Nuts are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Opt for raw or dry roasted rather than heavily salted varieties and watch out for very hard nuts that could cause you to break a tooth.
  • Polyphenols reduce the ability of plaque to stick to teeth. Green tea and cranberries are rich in polyphenols.
  • Plain, fresh water flushes food particles and bacteria from the mouth and moisturizes mucosal tissues.
  • Sugarless gum made with xylitol pulls food particles away from teeth, boosts saliva secretion, and helps to neutralize oral bacteria.

Much more to discuss about healthy living

Why does our dental team offer nutrition advice? Because we know true dental care is about much more than cleanings and fillings. We are committed to helping you reach a level of oral health that supports whole-body wellness.

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