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Preventive Care

Preventive dental care for patients of all ages in Carol Stream, IL

The team at Park Dental Care provides a broad range of restorative services for patients in the Carol Stream, IL area. As rewarding as that work is, however, we prefer to help you avoid the need for repairs with preventive dental care that keeps your mouth naturally healthy.

Why work to prevent dental problems?

The average human will have 52 teeth in total (20 baby and 32 adult). It may seem inevitable that dental problems will occur at some point in life. However, most issues can be avoided with preventive dentistry, and there are excellent reasons to do so.

Oral bacteria produce acids that eat holes in tooth enamel allowing cavities to develop and triggering inflammation that leads to gum disease – the two most common dental problems. While it is neither possible nor beneficial to eliminate all oral bacteria, you can keep overpopulation of harmful strains under control with routine preventive care – brushing teeth daily, flossing, and regular professional teeth cleaning.

Cracks, chips, and breakage are also common. They are usually the result of trauma:

  • Sports or other injury involving a blow to the face
  • Applying too much bite force to a hard food
  • Excessive clenching and grinding during sleep (bruxing)

Healthy teeth can generally tolerate chewing pressure. A sports mouthguard reduces risk of oral trauma, and a night guard alleviates strain from bruxing.

Each of these conditions, and many other dental problems that can occur without preventive care, has a ripple effect on overall health and well-being. They cause physical discomfort and emotional stress. Digestion and nutrition are impacted. There is inconvenience and expense associated with dental work. In addition, harmful bacteria are linked to health issues such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Avoid problems with preventive dental care in Carol Stream, IL

Preventive dentistry for children focuses on nutrition, avoiding cavities with fluoride and dental sealants, monitoring oral development, and forging good lifetime attitude toward dental care. Teen and young adult patients are guided to lifestyle habits that promote healthy teeth. Oral needs change for adult and senior patients, with gum disease management often becoming a prevalent concern. Regardless of your stage of life, the professionals at Park Dental Care can help. We are so passionate about it, that “dental care” is in our name! Call 630-556-8880 for a preventive appointment at our Carol Stream, IL office.

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