Veneers make stubborn stains disappear … even discoloration that “resists” teeth whitening treatment!

Veneers for Discolored Teeth in Winfield IL Area

With veneers, we can take your smile from “good” to “great.” There is no treatment quite like them. On otherwise healthy teeth, our dentists, Drs. Evelyn Maggos and Britly Barton may apply veneers to resize worn-down teeth, reshape irregular contours, close gaps, and correct cracks. Veneers may also be recommended when other treatments are not appropriate or fail to get the results that you desire. Notably, Park Dental Care serves individuals in Carol Stream, Winfield, Illinois, and the surrounding area with very discolored or stubbornly stained teeth. 

Not all types of stains or discoloration respond to professional whitening treatments. So, these thin layers of porcelain may be precisely prepared and fixed securely to the front surfaces of very yellow or “intrinsically” [internally] stained teeth. When even powerful whitening treatments may fail (or not be well-suited to your situation), veneers make the discoloration disappear by disguising it!

And, whereas whitening requires touch-ups, veneers can be more of a “one and done” treatment. With good care, these porcelain shells can last for many years. They also resist stains incredibly well. Your teeth continue to look great and hold up well. This makes them a smart investment in the health and beauty of your smile and a great value.

Understanding your concerns 

Discoloration and staining take on many forms and have many different sources. For surface stains caused by staining foods and beverages, like coffee and tea, maintaining regular professional cleanings at our office helps to keep these pigments from building up and yellowing your teeth. Such extrinsic staining is easier to remove with professional whitening or bleaching gels. 

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Intrinsic stains may appear as chalky white spots or even gray or bluish discoloration. They are caused by early, excessive antibiotic use in childhood. These deeper internal stains are more challenging to adequately lift or remove from the teeth. When discoloration can’t be lightened through other means, veneers can be designed and applied to cover up the natural, darker enamel. We simply remove a small amount of the tooth’s surface to ensure the veneer fits on top of the tooth properly. Once the veneer is made, Drs. Maggos or Barton will adjust it as needed before bonding it to the tooth. No more discoloration! 

It should also be noted that sometimes decay can appear as dark, discolored spots, holes, or pits. Decay or other forms of damage require restorative instead of cosmetic treatment. 

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