Fighting “smokers’ teeth” with professional whitening options that actually work to lift stains

Teeth Whitening for Smokers in Winfield IL Area

Smoking and the use of tobacco products are associated with very yellow “smoker’s” teeth. The nicotine in cigarettes, “chew,” and other tobacco products creates very distinctive and dark stains due to a chemical reaction; when exposed to oxygen, it turns brown. 

Additionally, the enamel that protects our teeth contains microscopic tubules. This porous surface allows nicotine’s pigmented particles to seep through and produce undesirable discoloration. The discoloration caused by smoking tends to be uneven or patchy due to how the cigarettes are inhaled.

Professional teeth whitening for smokers

Fortunately, Park Dental Care serves our Winfield, Illinois, area neighbors with various effective, safe, and comfortable options to remove stains and reveal their healthiest and most attractive smiles. 

From our office in Carol Stream, Drs. Evelyn Maggos and Britly Barton may precisely apply a medical-grade whitening product to the teeth. The use of a professional grade light helps to accelerate the whitening action. So, you can dramatically lighten the color of your teeth in one visit. 

Our dentists may recommend home whitening instead or in addition to the in-office process. With this approach, you can lift stains and lighten teeth from the comfort of your home. Simply prepare and apply custom-fitted whitening trays to your teeth as directed. When worn daily as recommended, the trays deliver the whitening gel to your teeth to gradually lighten them. 

Today’s whitening products generally work in the same way. Formulated with hydrogen or carbamide peroxide, the whitening solution or gel penetrates the pores or tubules. As the formulation oxides, pigments in the tobacco-containing products and other staining foods and substances may be loosened and lifted to the surface. 

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This method may also be appropriate for patients with yellow teeth caused by aging. Over time, enamel may become thin and expose the darker, yellow dentin layer underneath. Our powerful whitening products seep into the tubules to bleach the dentin. 

For your beauty and health

Unevenly and severely stained or yellow teeth are not the only threat to smokers’ oral health. Smoking takes a toll on your immune system, making you more susceptible to oral infections. It also affects wound healing, increases your risk of developing oral cancers, and promotes tooth decay by interfering with the flow of a natural cleanser: saliva.

Call 630-556-8880 to schedule your check-up at Park Dental Care in Carol Stream, IL. We serve individuals and their families with trusted guidance to support lifelong health and well-being. 

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