The importance of regular professional dental cleanings and examinations

Professional Dental Cleaning in Carol Stream IL Area

Dental care takes time, but the investment is monumental! A healthy smile is free from tooth decay and periodontal disease. However, many patients in Carol Stream, Illinois, may be unsure as to how they can obtain a healthy smile and maintain it throughout their lives. This is where the team at Park Dental Care comes in! Our professionals provide routine evaluations and cleanings while educating patients on how to achieve their dream smiles!

Why should I see a dentist for regular cleanings and examinations? 

Taking care of your smile is a full-time job. It requires daily attention to the foods you eat, how you brush, and whether or not you are flossing by bedtime. However, this might not be enough. The team at Park Dental Care in Carol Stream, Illinois, also encourages patients to be mindful of visiting the dental office regularly for teeth cleaning services and thorough examinations.

Cleanings and examinations performed at a dental office are far more in-depth than what can be done at home. Our dentists, including Drs. Evelyn Maggos and Britly Barton, physically evaluate the teeth and gums to look for signs of tooth decay and periodontal disease. Dental X-rays may also be performed to look at the health of the teeth below the gum line, allowing our dentists to evaluate the jawbone and internal tooth structures. Our dental hygienists work hard to clean the teeth, removing plaque and tartar from the tooth enamel and gums to further improve the smile’s health.

What are the benefits of routine dental evaluations and cleanings with an experienced team of providers?

Drs. Evelyn Maggos and Britly Barton understand the importance of a healthy, beautiful smile. When you see our dental team regularly for cleanings and examinations, you are being proactive about improving your oral health and wellness. This type of preventative dental care can save you money down the road as you are significantly reducing your risk of developing periodontal disease or tooth decay—the two most damaging conditions to the teeth and gums. Additionally, when you are focused on preventative care, you can catch any problems in their earliest stages for better chances of restoring the smile effectively and avoiding permanent extraction of damaged teeth.

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How much do cleanings and examinations cost?

Various factors can impact the cost of these routine, preventative care solutions. Patients with dental insurance will often have benefits that cover the full cost or require a small payment due at the time of service. Patients who need more extensive care, including additional dental X-rays, may incur charges outside of the amount for the cleaning and examination.

How do I schedule a dental examination and cleaning for myself or a family member?

If you reside in Carol Stream, IL, and are interested in booking yourself or someone you love for a cleaning and examination at Park Dental Care, call 630-556-8880 to request a visit with our team.

We are currently open to new patients and families in the surrounding area.

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