Benefits of Brightening Your Smile with In-office Teeth Whitening

brightening your smile with professional in-office teeth whitening at Park Dental Care in Winfield, IL

Do you wonder why your smile is not as bright as it used to be? Beverages like coffee, tea, and wine can stain your smile. The foods you eat can discolor your teeth, too. Also, certain medications, smoking, and poor oral hygiene can take the sparkle out of your smile. Many people with discolored smiles hide their smiles because they don’t want anyone to see their yellow, dingy, or discolored teeth.

The good news is that teeth bleaching in Winfield, Illinois, can restore the natural whiteness of your smile. At Park Dental CareDr. Evelyn Maggos uses professional in-office teeth whitening to achieve your dream smile in just one visit!

Why you should consider in-office teeth whitening

We proudly practice the industry standard when bleaching your teeth in our office. Our chairside teeth whitening enables us to deliver a radiant smile much faster and safer than off-the-shelf whitening products.

Following are the benefits of whitening your teeth right here in our office:

  • Quick results: Professional chairside teeth whitening can deliver a stunning smile in as little as one hour! So, if you have an upcoming wedding, interview, date, or other big moment, in-office teeth whitening is the best way to remove those bothersome stains
  • Safety: We supervise your teeth whitening treatment from start to finish to ensure we keep your smile damage-free
  • Effective outcome: Dentists use professional-strength whitening products to remove even the most stubborn tooth stains. Do-it-yourself (DIY) products only remove surface stains at best
  • Durable results: We remove tooth stains from their core to ensure your gleaming smile stays intact for a long time. Professional teeth whitening results can last many months with proper care and maintenance
  • Comfortable: DIY products can damage your smile when left too long on your teeth, causing extreme sensitivity. Professionals observe due care when applying the bleaching agents. Still, we apply a desensitizing agent to minimize tooth sensitivity to maximize your comfort

Have you tried store-bought products to brighten your smile but have been left disappointed? Don’t waste your money on subpar products — spend it where it counts. Our office offers in-office teeth whitening and custom whitening trays to blast away years of tooth staining for a brighter, whiter smile.

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Bothered by your tooth stains? With our clinically-proven teeth whitening, your teeth will not only look great, but you’ll have an added boost to your self-confidence. 

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