How crowns help to “save” even the most badly damaged teeth

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Crowns are among the great multi-taskers of the dental world. They can be used to replace an extensive filling, strengthen a cracked tooth, and “fix” very irregularly shaped or otherwise cosmetically “imperfect” teeth that are not good candidates for more conservative cosmetic procedures (like veneers). 

Dental crowns may even be the only way to preserve a tooth with deep inflammation or infection at its center. In this situation, our dentists at Park Dental Care in Carol Stream, serving the greater Winfield, Illinois area, Drs. Evelyn Maggos and Britly Barton may recommend root canal therapy followed by a dental crown. 

Crowns services to rebuild a tooth

Dental crowns are hollow caps. They are made from various materials, from metal alloys to ceramics like porcelain. Some options include both metals and ceramics; for instance, a metal crown surrounded by porcelain. This option blends strength and aesthetics. We consider many factors when recommending the best option for your damaged tooth. These considerations include both its location and function. For example, few materials replicate the appearance of natural enamel, quite like porcelain. So, these all-ceramic crowns are particularly appropriate for the highly visible front teeth. 

Our talented lab partners then use the most suitable material for your crown. They shape the crown so it will perfectly fit on top of your remaining, healthy tooth structure. Any damaged tissue is removed before bonding or securing the crown in place. For those teeth with more extensive damage to the pulp tissue inside of the tooth, there is an additional step. 

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Root canal therapy involves removing the inflamed or infected tissue inside the tooth. After the treated tooth has healed, a permanent dental crown is secured. The crown strengthens a tooth weakened due to the effects of dental disease or trauma. No further treatment is often necessary – as long as you practice good dental care and visit your friends at Park Dental Care regularly. 

When teeth cannot be preserved with root canal treatment, crowns come to the rescue again! They may be applied to replace a missing tooth in a bridge or to restore dental implants as an implant-supported crown, bridge, or denture. 

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