Your search for dental crowns for teeth near me in Winfield IL is over

Your search for dental crowns for teeth near me in Winfield IL is over

Dr. Evelyn and the team at Park Dental Care know that you have lots of dentists to choose from in Chicagoland to keep you and your family’s smiles healthy and looking great. So, we’re glad you have your eyes here and look forward to seeing you in person. Know that when you narrow your search down for dental crowns for teeth near me in Winfield IL to our friendly office in Carol Stream, that you are benefiting from the team’s knowledge of advanced dental techniques and technologies, as well as leading partners – such as our outside lab, whose ceramicists produce quality restorations (including crowns).

Your restored teeth will look, feel, and function just like they did before an accident or other dental condition damaged them. Also, they should last. When restorations such as crowns are prepared properly and created to exacting specifications using top-notch ceramics and other dental materials, they will keep functioning and looking as attractive as the day they were placed, and with little more than the usual good oral hygiene and professional check-ups by Drs. Evelyn and Britly, and cleanings by Carolynn and Stephanie, our experienced and skilled dental hygienists. Since we get to know all our patients, we tailor suggestions for crowns (since you have options with regard to materials), as well as for care. We know our patients’ preferences and goals, as well as their challenges. So, we can demonstrate ways to keep your crowns (and surrounding gums and teeth) clean and healthy that suit your personal tastes, lifestyle, and needs.

We hope you get the sense that dentistry at Park Dental Care is hassle-free, comfortable, and as if you’re among friends (or family members that you like!). For those of you who may be a little hesitant about the process of getting crowns, or for those who may have had less stellar experiences at other offices, know this:

  • If you need a crown, the procedure is a little more extensive than a simple filling. It can also be preferred to a filling, because sometimes cavities are so large that the dental material required to fill in the decay is so substantial that the structure and integrity of the tooth is compromised.
  • We say the crown procedure is straightforward, because after any existing decay is removed, the crown is placed on top of the natural tooth. In turn, the crown that is made by our skilled lab partner is a replacement for the natural crown (the white part of your tooth that everyone can see). Made from a toothlike dental material and shaped like a tooth, the crown fits seamlessly over the natural tooth quite like a crown or cap would fit on your head.
  • Many patients require no more than local anesthetic to numb the area to be treated with the crown. If you’re anxious about the procedure, however, we help in the form of a safe, calming medication. We’ll go over this option with you before treatment, including associated instructions on how and when to take this relaxing option.

Crowns not only resolve pain from decay, and restore a broken or cracked tooth, but they can also cover a poorly shaped tooth (or other cosmetic concerns), and provide the finishing touch for tooth replacement options such as dental implants. How can crowns at Park Dental Care near Winfield IL in Carol Stream help you? Call 630-556-8880 to schedule your appointment with Drs. Evelyn or Britly.

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