Professional teeth whitening in Carol Stream IL is the safe and effective alternative to retail products

Professional teeth whitening in Carol Stream IL

From whitening toothpastes and strips, to brightening lipstick and paint-on products, there are countless drugstore and e-commerce products that claim to treat stains and get you the beautifully white teeth associated with a vibrant, healthy, and youthful smile. But how many of these products work? For safe and effective teeth whitening in Carol Stream IL, you’ve turned to the right place: Dr. Evelyn and the team at Park Dental Care.

Professional dental products and treatments make all the difference

There are several reasons why the products that you find at the drugstore or elsewhere are a waste of money because they produce little to no noticeable change in the appearance of your stained or discolored teeth. Licensed dentists such as Drs. Evelyn and Britly have access to professional products, which contain:

  • Whitening ingredients that have been proven to lift stains – Professional whitening gels generally contain either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, designed to penetrate the surface of the teeth and break up the molecules that hold stains together.
  • Enough concentration of these proven ingredients – Even if you read the ingredients list and find effective whitening agents on the label, retail products generally don’t contain enough of the whitener to effectively lift stains. Professional products are powerful; they contain enough of the effective ingredients necessary to whiten your teeth.
  • Treatment that is tailored to you – One of the beautiful things about professional whitening is the dentist’s ability to alter every aspect of the process to your specific needs and goals; for instance, the concentration of the active ingredients can be hand-selected to the shade of white that will look best on you, and that you desire. Likewise, if you have a history of tooth sensitivity or are concerned about discomfort from these powerful whiteners, we can adjust the amount of time the gel is on your teeth, either when we apply the gel during an in-office procedure or when we instruct you on how to use the whitening trays that are applied from the comfort of your home.

Additionally, we can tailor the number of days that you whiten your teeth at home. If you opt for home whitening trays, they’re generally worn for about an hour each day for several weeks. This process allows your teeth to appear gradually whiter unless you choose to whiten your teeth in the office first and then use home whitening to maintain those beautiful results. Those trays, too, are custom-fitted to your mouth. The dental trays that you can buy as part of a kit at the store, are designed to fit most mouths. What that means is you can end up with sores, messy leaks, and uneven results as the tray doesn’t fit right in your mouth.Professional teeth whitening enhances your oral health and beauty and isn’t a waste of money (at best) or cause damage (at worst), which is the case with many of the products that aren’t applied in a professional dental setting. Call 630-556-8880 to finally get whiter teeth, safely.

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