Trust our skilled, caring team for natural-looking and durable porcelain crowns near me in Winfield, IL

Trust Our Skilled, Caring Team for Natural-looking and Durable Porcelain Crowns Near Me in Winfield, IL Area

For every four adults in our state, one has untreated tooth decay. That one person could be you, if you are experiencing symptoms like an aching tooth or sensitivity when you drink or eat something cold, sweet, or hot. Drs. Evelyn and Britly will confirm if you have tooth decay. And, fortunately, they can resolve decay efficiently, precisely, comfortably, and safely with porcelain crowns. If you ask “What advanced and welcoming dental care is near me in Winfield?” We have a digital scanner that can be used to help create the crown.  Park Dental Care in Carol Stream, IL may also recommend crowns for any number of other reasons. You may be a candidate for a crown to:

  • Strengthen a broken tooth 
  • Rebuild the structure of a tooth that has sustained excessive wear
  • Protect a tooth that has sustained repeated dental procedures
  • Support teeth with large or worn fillings, inlays, or partial crowns (onlays)
  • Restore the portion of the tooth seen above the gumline, following dental implant procedures
  • Support the neighboring, abutment teeth that hold up a pontic (replacement tooth) in a dental bridge
  • Protect a badly damaged tooth following treatment with root canal therapy

Additionally, crowns may be used for cosmetic improvement; for instance, a natural-looking and durable porcelain crown may be your answer to discoloration or stains that resist professional whitening treatment. Likewise, porcelain crowns may be appropriate for patients with very misshapen or irregularly sized teeth. 

Regardless of your needs, all crowns are essentially designed in a similar manner. The tooth to be repaired is “prepared.” This may involve removing damaged areas of the tooth, such as decayed or diseased tissues. The natural tooth is then shaped so that it can precisely accommodate the crown. The lab-made crown is further designed from a model or impression of the trouble tooth and its neighbors. We at Park Dental Care partner with a reliable and reputable local lab. These experienced, professional ceramists use high-quality dental ceramics. You have peace of mind that the tooth will be made to your specifications and will blend in perfectly with the color and appearance of the surrounding, healthy teeth. To protect the treatment site, a temporary crown is placed while we wait for the lab to make your permanent crown. 

Once we receive the crown from our lab, you will return to the office. Your dentist removes the temporary and replaces it with the permanent crown. Before it is securely fixed in place, the crown is refined or adjusted slightly as needed. We will ensure that you are thrilled with the appearance and “feel” of your improved tooth. With good oral hygiene and visits to our office for professional cleanings, crowned teeth can last a lifetime. In fact, routine check-ups, and cleanings to remove what a toothbrush cannot (hardened plaque or tartar), help you to avoid the need for restorative procedures such as crowns in the first place. 

We may also find that you are an appropriate candidate for more conservative treatments, such as fillings, inlays, and onlays. For more extensive damage, including infected pulp tissue at the center of the tooth, root canal therapy followed by a stunning and strong porcelain crown may be the only way to preserve the natural tooth. Do not delay in getting the oral care you need to smile most confidently, and to be your healthiest self. Schedule an appointment at our Winfield area location in Carol Stream.

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