Calming sedation, relaxing environment combine for your one-stop solution to dental phobia in Carol Stream, IL

No one sets out to have “bad teeth.” Yet, many people end up with teeth that they are embarrassed about and hide at all costs because they have avoided the care necessary to have a beautiful, healthy smile. Dental fear and anxiety (and its more severe counterpart –  dental phobia) stand in the way of your best smile and well-being. Many characteristics, techniques, and technologies combine to present a dental phobia solution in Carol Stream, IL, at the office of Drs. Evelyn Maggos and Britly Barton at Park Dental Care.

There is no one silver bullet that fights phobia, partly because each patient is unique. The severity of fear can vary significantly from person to person, and what represents a “trigger” for you may not be triggering to a friend or family member of yours with some level of anxiety or phobia. Our office is warm and inviting, our team is non-judgmental and kind, and our approaches to care address common sources of dental fear head-on.

The root of a common dental condition

The Root of a Common Dental Condition in Carol Stream Il Area

Researchers have found that in 85% of cases, fear of the dentist is rooted in negative experiences in the dental chair as children. So, Park Dental Care emphasizes early childhood visits to develop familiarity with our staff, and to begin the process of building positive associations between patient and dental office. We take the  time to establish a friendly, positive relationship and make a child’s first visit fun and easy going. All that said, you are never “too old” to rethink your perception of dentistry, and what you might know about dentistry can be quite outdated.

Dental science and treatments are in a continuous state of improvement and advancement. In addition to negative childhood experiences, there are other similarities among patients who are so fearful of the dentist that they skip routine check-ups, including triggers that are summed up as the “Four S’s’”:

  • Sights – Instruments such as dental drills and needles
  • Sensations – Vibrations and pressure from dental instruments
  • Sounds – Notably, grinding of the drill
  • Smells – Clinical scents such as bonding agents can be off-putting for some

Our staff minimizes the effect of these triggering sights, sensations, sounds, and smells; for instance, we are proud of our “light-touch” approach to treatments. Unhurried and gentle techniques help to relieve unpleasant pressure and put patients at ease. Park Dental Care’s dentists, hygienists, and assistants are also trained on the latest tools, which further facilitates comfortable treatment and a pleasant patient experience.

Should you need a little additional “help” in getting relaxed, Drs.Maggos and Barton may recommend oral conscious sedation, which is a medical way of saying that you take a pill as advised by your dentist to calm and relax you before your visit. The type of pill is tailored to your needs and accounts for factors such as your medical history. The “conscious” part refers to how this oral medication still allows you to remain awake (and in control) during your treatment, only your fears will melt away and you’ll be so relaxed that you won’t feel instruments in your mouth, or be bothered by clinical sounds, scents, and other stimuli. Afterward, you’ll be groggy (so it’s important to arrange transportation to and from our office) and have little to no recollection of your time chairside!

With Park Dental Care in your future, dental fear and anxiety will soon be in your past! Call 630-556-8880 to schedule your appointment at the Carol Stream, IL office.

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