How Do I Know Whether I Need a Dental Crown?

Dental Crown Cost in Carol Stream Illinois Area

Dental crowns are often one of the best ways to fix your teeth after they’ve been seriously damaged. If you have severe tooth damage, getting a crown will often fix the problem, relieve the pain, and prevent further damage. While Dr. Evelyn Maggos at Park Dental Care in Carol Stream, Illinois, can usually tell you if you require a crown for your tooth after an examination. A few warning signs should indicate that you need to get a professional to look at your tooth.

Signs that you might need a dental crown

A big part of your tooth (or a large filling) is missing. Whether you’ve suffered an injury that has caused a large part of your tooth to get chipped, you’ve recently had a large filling fall out, or if you have just had a root canal, a crown is usually the best way to repair your tooth. A crown will replace the chewing surface of your tooth, relieving any pain you currently feel when you eat. Often, a crown is used when the damage is too severe to be fixed by a simple filling. They are also used to complete a root canal procedure to protect the treated tooth.

Suppose there is a large amount of decay. Sometimes an x-ray will show the decay; other times, your dentist will be able to visually confirm that the top of a tooth has too much decay to hold a filling effectively. In this case, the decay is removed, and a crown is placed over the tooth. Typically, decay that has progressed to this point is incredibly painful, and getting a crown means that the patient can quickly resume normal activities again.

Your teeth are misshapen or badly stained. Teeth grinding is usually the most common reason for this, but there are many reasons why your teeth may be misshapen to the point that a crown is needed. Teeth that have grown crooked can often grind against other teeth in the mouth, causing misshapen teeth on the opposite jaw. If the damage is so significant that it can’t be fixed with a filling compound, the dentist may recommend that the damaged section of the tooth be removed and replaced with a crown.

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I need a crown. How much will it cost?

Dental crown costs are dependent on the number of teeth that need to be crowned, the material being used, and the type of prep work that needs to be done before putting on the crown. Fortunately, dental insurance will usually cover a large portion of the bill, and at Park Dental Care, we offer payment plans to cover any remaining balance.

Taking care of your dental concerns now will ease your suffering and help to keep costs down for future dental work. If you don’t have insurance, talk to our team about ways to make getting a dental crown more affordable. Make your appointment with Park Dental Care today by calling 630-556-8880.

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