Don’t ignore bleeding gums! Protect and restore the tissues that support your teeth

Bleeding Gums Treatment in Winfield IL Area

APark Dental Care, Drs. Evelyn Maggos and Britly Barton encourage you to come in consistently for the checkups that protect your teeth and the surrounding tissues. We appreciate that the ideal approach to care is preventative. Our extended “dental family” in Carol Stream and the greater Winfield, Illinois area appreciate that we partner with them to keep their teeth healthy and looking great. Many damaging oral problems, such as dental decay and periodontal disease, can be avoided with regular exams, cleanings, and other preventive services. Costly and invasive restorative treatments are also avoided.

Prevent and stop bleeding gums 

If you spot “pink in the sink,” that should set off alarm bells. When gums bleed or otherwise feel tender or look swollen, these are potential signs of early-stage inflammation or gum disease. This condition, gingivitis, is also famously “silent.” That means you may mistakenly think that your mouth is perfectly healthy. Without treatment, the underlying gingivitis can progress. Later-stage gum disease or periodontitis is a leading cause of tooth loss. The bacteria and inflammation associated with it have also been implicated in the development of many serious systemic health problems, from heart disease to respiratory illness. 

Whenever possible, we want to catch problems early and before they cause damage. We intervene promptly and start with conservative measures. Our dentists examine your gums during regular checkups for issues that need attention. Our dental hygienists use their special tools and know-how to gently clean disease-causing bacteria and stubborn plaque build-up from the teeth and gum line. We also advise on good home care, including brushing and flossing techniques and oral care products. These visits should happen at least once every six months, more frequently if you smoke, use tobacco- and nicotine-containing products, and have other risk factors for oral disease.

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A “deep” cleaning may be recommended when active disease is found. Here, we clean below the gumline, root surfaces, and other areas that tend to harbor and promote plaque development. As needed, a topical antibiotic or oral medication is prescribed to encourage healing and the reattachment of the tissues that surround, support, and protect your teeth. 

These interventions may be all that is necessary to avoid further destruction of soft tissues, the loss of teeth, and other consequences of destructive gum disease. They also represent a gentle, tissue-preserving alternative to more aggressive surgical procedures to regenerate and build up gums.

If you are due for a dental checkup, do not wait to schedule an appointment with your Winfield area friends at Park Dental Care. Our Carol Stream, IL office welcomes your call and can be reached at 630-556-8880.

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